“I would like to say a few words about the progress we have seen in our son since beginning treatment with Dr. Collins at RHI. My son was a scared little boy who used to tell us he wanted to die. He had no friends, he was completely unable to control his anger which would display itself in aggressive outbursts. I would get frequent calls from school about his tossing over desks, yelling at teachers, threatening to break things, etc. Home life was nearly unbearable - everything was a traumatic event.

He resisted the simplest requests (such as “time to brush you teeth”, and perceived most everything a threat. He was terrified to leave the house after dark, so the family could never go out together once evening came.

For over a year, we did not attend church as a family - one parent would take our daughter, while the other one stayed home with my son, as he would have tremendous anxiety attacks there. Screaming outbursts were part of daily life. Now, things are completely different and life is enjoyable. Amazing things happen every day that we are thankful for.

- Child, Aspergers

"When I came to Dr. Collins office I couldn’t think straight. Here I am, over 60, and I could not even remember birthdays of the people in my family! My house was a mess and I really didn’t think I had any type of life whatsoever. Through the brain “training” I was able to calm down and realize that things were not as bad as I thought.

I was able to get my house cleaned up, and my memory improved greatly! Who knew? It was truly a gift! I send everyone I know to Dr. Collins and his staff to improve their outlook and their abilities!"

- A.S. Cognitive Decline

"I came to see Dr. Collins because I had battled depression for many years. I was angry and could not sleep, but always tired. I could see no way out of my life, and I could see nothing good about it, even though others told me constantly that I had a great life and family.

With the work that we did with neurofeedback and talk therapy, it finally dawned on me that things were different than what I could see. I saw my family in a different light, and I was able to sleep again.

Everything changed for the better and surprised me as it happened. I kept asking…will this hold? Will I have to come back over and over? And the answer was always no. I cannot thank Dr. Collins enough for this help."

- D.F. Depression, Anxiety, Sleep Problems

"I was having problems in my marriage after a car accident, and unable to do much, including work. I needed to be able to think at work and bring home a paycheck. I was on several meds which didn’t seem to be helping but I was afraid to stop them. In addition, I couldn’t think straight and I had to redo daily chores, nevermind having a job. I would automatically get upset for the smallest problems and I had no memory whatsoever.

With Dr. Collins I experienced neurofeedback and after that was all taken care of, we continued with talk therapy. Within a couple of months, I was able to get back to work, and get clear on what needed to be done. I cannot tell you how crazy I felt before coming to see him, and how I feel now. It is unbelievable. I’m so glad I went."

- R.R. Brain Injury, Depression, Anxiety

"I brought my children to see Dr. Collins years ago and decided now was the time for me. I could not focus on what I needed to focus on, my anger with my children was through the roof every day, and I could not sleep for anything. I also got confused easily and could not remember much of the important things regarding work.

Within weeks, we were on a different track, I could see the light at the end of the tunnel and my life had a new beginning. I wish I would have done this years ago. It certainly wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be. Thanks to Dr. Collins and the RHI office, I am able to work, enjoy my kids and even have a great time on vacations!"

- L.W. Anxiety, Depression, ADD, Digital Addiction

"My daughter couldn’t keep track of ANYTHING when we first came to Dr. Collins office. She was in constant motion, she was always on HIGH ALERT and she had tics that developed from some medication she took in the past. I could not believe that she would keep losing things and I would have to buy things over and over…I just started buying coats from outlet malls.

However, all of that changed with the neurofeedback and sensory work that Dr. Collins and his staff did for several weeks. Now I don’t have to remind her or remember for her and that has made my life easier. I know it is hard to imagine, but this stuff does work, and things can get better. We are proof!"

- W.L. Anxiety, Sensory Issue


At the age of 6 my daughter was very developmentally behind and unable to articulate words clearly.  She was also very anxious and unable to sit still.  My husband and I were looking for a treatment that would help get to the root of things rather than medicating to cover something up.  Allowing our daughter to retrain her own brain made a lot of sense to us.  Since undergoing therapy my daughter's brain has normalized so much that she is catching up developmentally and clear words are forming.  She is now the star pupil in her class for behavoir and focus.  She can sit on my lap and just relax and enjoy life everyday peacefully.  Neurofeedback Therapy was the best decision we could have made for her.  Thank you so much to Dr. Collins, Chris Collins and their amazing staff! 

- Developmental Delay

Almost exactly 4 years ago to the day, we had our first encounter with you in hope that Dr. Collins could help our son, C with problems of inattention, disorganization, and academic failure. After testing and one full summer of therapy with your team, C returned to Southern Illinois University a new young man. I waited patiently for the last four years to share this day and this joy with you, Dr. Collins, and the staff of RHI...

He went on to earn 2 Bachelor Degrees. Without you, I truly believe this would have never happened... And to your staff I am forever grateful.

- C, inattention

“Thank you so much for all you have done, for offering this life-changing treatment. I can’t say enough about what it has meant to my son and our family. Although we tried many things - diet changes, therapy, medications, chiropractic care - nothing came close to making the changes in his life like the treatment he has received from Dr. Collins.

This past year has been like a miracle: no in-school suspensions (as a matter of fact, some of his teachers describe his as the “best behaved student in the class”); he is attending “mainstream” classes with all the other students; he has earned field trips that are based on grades, attendance, and behavior; he has a couple of friends who call and ask to come over and hang out with him; requests to do chores are met with agreement (or nothing more than typical teenage resistance), but not screaming outbursts; we can freely go out as a family even if it is dark (no one but our family could appreciate the absolute JOY at something so simple as driving through Christmas light displays); we attend church regularly, and my son often asks to participate in the service; anxiety attacks, which used to be at least daily, are non-existent; and most importantly, he is HAPPY.

Does he still have issues? Yes. (Don’t we all?) But his progress has been nothing short of astounding. The transformation of our family life is beyond words.”

- G.B. Aspergers, Autism, Anxiety”

"I brought my 7 year old daughter here with the hope that she could improve her comprehension in reading. I did not know that we were also going to improve her level of daily frustration, her ability to stop running into things, and her fear of all things medical.

This has been life changing, to say the least. We can have fun now instead of constantly talk to her about what she THINKS is going wrong, but really isn’t. Life is much, much better!"

- B.L. Reading Disability, Anxiety, Sensory Improvement

"My child was on two medications, and still could not focus. She was inappropriate with her friends, and had few of them.  She was anxious all the time, and she couldn’t sleep. She couldn’t even stand to flush the toilet. On top of that, she would not do her chores and homework took two hours a night. For a ten year old, I did not think that was reasonable. 

I came to Dr. Collins and Chris, his wife, in hopes that something could be changed. I really didn’t believe that EVERYTHING could change.

By the time we finished our sessions, my daughter was no longer on meds, she really started eating again and she began to love her homework. She had no problem being near a flushing toilet or any other loud sounds. In addition, she is now able to make friends and have good times on the weekends.

We are amazed and grateful. Of course, we suggest to all the parents we know to give Dr. Collins and neurofeedback a try. We are thrilled with our results."

- F.R. ADD, Sensory Defensiveness, and Anxiety

"When I first came to Dr. Collins, I felt like I was having a panic attack. I didn’t know if I was crazy or not, but I knew I needed help.  I had a degree but didn’t want to have a job that used that degree. I had friends, but only called them in the middle of the night because I was so afraid. That seems so very long ago now, and I can’t believe life was actually like that.

Now, I love my life, I have a new husband and we are planning a family. Things are falling into place and we are ready for our next steps."

- B.T. Anxiety, Depression

"My son was 8 when we came to Dr. Collins because he would get angry at everything. When we tried to do homework, when he was asked to clean up his room, even, sometimes when I called him down to dinner. He was just an angry kid. Little by little we saw that the problem originated in sensory issues, and my husband and I worked with Dr. Collins to strategize how to handle his moods, his needs and his wants.

I had to ask him to do things over and over and eventually would just give up. But when we met with Dr. Collins, I could see how my son was different than the other children, and needed different help. We eventually changed our attitudes about him, and set better boundaries.

Dr. Collin’s staff worked with him to help his brain, and together, life got much easier, and we could see how sweet he was and how much he wanted to accomplish…and we could then help him get to his goals. He turned around and now has friends, and is doing very well in school…without medications. Thanks to Dr. Collins team, we are a happy family."

- P.E. Anxiety, ADD